Tuesday, April 3, 2012

bullet train...

that's life
coming and going without pause
in an instance life as we know it can change
today, i am reminded of its fragility
this little life of mine
it will pass too soon, not hesitating for even my greatest dreams
what will i make of it
who will i become
what difference will me breathing have had on this world
no one else can determine it
i must decide...

let it be set apart.

let it be tears from laughter.

let it be of immeasurable love.

let it be servanthood.

let it be a glorious reflection of an eternal Kingdom.

let this be mine.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

day in the life..

of katelyn ann spielman.

go to afternoon class.
take off jacket due to the hot hot heat.
come to a realization half-way through class.....
your "ladies" are only being supported by one strap.
look to left side,
find this:

no big, just your purple polka-dotted bra strap,
hanging out your sleeve,
for half the class period.
you sit in the front row.
as you discreetly try to put the strap back inside your shirt,
your professor asks you a question.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

her sails.

 "she stood in the storm
when the wind did not blow her way
-- and it surely has not -- 
she adjusted her sails."


thanks be to the wise elizabeth edwards for uttering those words.

Monday, February 27, 2012

pin and cap...

 comes in slow waves.
 occasionally causing a stir to remind you it's still there.
you're not over it yet.
in the midst of grieving an identify lost, i can still find peace and miraculously do.


but goodness it's still salt in the wound to see pictures of what would've been.
 a hat. 
that's all it took to remind me, i'm still human, and therefore grieving naturally.