Tuesday, May 31, 2011

falling off the blog...and the art of returning!

after an anxiously awaiting friend's patient wait for my return, i've finally returned.

 i will begin with part 2 of that friday that seemed forever and a day ago..

Oakley Cian my Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme sat in a US BANK parking lot overnight with her fate looking grim. my dear friendsie Annabel rushed to the rescue to pick Rebecca and I up after this whole ordeal and we rushed a late employee named Rebecca to her work place. later that night we returned to the US BANK parking lot after I googled possible problems and solutions for the old beast of a car. i then called my trusty mechanic (my friend's hubster) for wisdom. he told me not to believe everything on google, because that was not what the problem sounded to be. we ended our convo and i inspected one more time under the hood for any clues, at which point i smelled the distinct and nasty fumes. i called my Pa. he then told me to call the mechanic (a.k.a. the panty phantom...as i call him for kicks and giggles) to see what to do. " I DON'T CARE WHAT CABLE, BUT GET YOUR BATTERY DISCONNECTED NOW!"
yes sir.

thankfully the panty phantom was venturing to KC in the a.m. anyways and offered to hook up a new battery if i provided the battery. needless to say the next morning the car doc fixed Oakley and told me the battery was on the last straw, and the accident only bumped it enough to make it an official dunnzo. miraculously no other damage was done!!! PRAISE THE GOOD LORD!!!:)

  that same FRIDAY night after getting the battery disconnected Anna, her sister Alison and my sister Rebecca and I all went out on the town for some fun! after eating some delicious yum yums at my favorite spot THE FOUNDRY we went to see BRIDESMAIDS! if you haven't seen this movie yet, DO IT. i found it to be laugh out loud hilarious, and that was my 2nd time to see it!
 the funny part of the night...
was when i pulled a classic Katelyn move after the movie.
we were exiting the theatres on an escalator, when i unintentionally stepped onto the step right behind an unknown guy, forcing me to awkwardly brush up against him on accident... which made me realize how creepily close i was as i backed up onto the step behind me while apologizing. he reassured me it was fine, BUT as soon as i got on the step behind me, it just hit me how creepy that must have looked and i did one of those unavoidable HU HU HUHH laughs really loud.


he turned around and i said, "so sorry again, i just realized how creepy that must have been!"
to which he so kindly kept repeating, "no, no it's fine, you're totally fine, you couldn't help it!"

it's true....i just cannot help my creepiness world.

Monday, May 23, 2011

the FRIDAY...part uno

friday was certainly a day to remember!

after impatiently waiting for my very first paycheck from KUmed to arrive, i finally received the call to come pick it up last friday after a week's worth of delays. i picked up the sister from olathe so we could laugh hysterically and she wouldn't be bored before going to work at 3.

pick up paycheck, done. whilst driving towards the highway on shawnee mission pkwy we abruptly were stopped by the impact of my dear oldsmobile Oakley slamming into the back end of a PT cruiser. 
i was completely focused on the road! the car in front of me suddenly jerked into the left turning lane and left me an awesome present waiting ahead....a parked car. this is how that accident occurred. i tried with all my might to stop, but it was inevitable. 

the funniest part was after a forceful impact and bump my darling sister said, "S*#!" and then immediately apologized. after discovering alongside the driver of the other vehicle that both our beastly cars appeared fine, we both returned to our cars...he left.....i stayed put. why?
 MY CAR WAS DEAD. no power, no flashers, no electrical for the locks or windows or NOTHING!

can you say shit and still be a c-h-r-i-s-t-i-a-n? well, i sure did. there we are in the middle of a lane without hazard lights to put on, stuck. i immediately call my mommy of olathe a.k.a. my friend annabel  who graciously walked me through what needed to be done. 

while on the phone with her some dear, kind ladies pulled up behind us and proceeded to hoop and holla due to the stop (mind you i was politely waving them to go around), the passenger then decided to flip me off outta of her window and when passing me screamed "TURN YOU F-ING HAZARDS ON!!!"  (and rebecca screamed back, "I CAN'T" when they were already ahead of us) meanwhile you know what sticker was on the back of their car???

thank you very much ladies.

after 2 police cars, 3 officers, and some push, my car ended up in the US BANK parking lot outta of the road......

part 2 tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the tale of the starbuck's napkin...

    Right now this post is coming to you live from Oakley Cian my grand boat of a Oldsmobile Cutless. You brought Millicent the Mac with you in the car to blog?? Actually no. I'm documenting this on a wonderful non-bleached Starby's napkin.
the novel on the nappy

 Rather than pretend to be a normal, non-awkward personality and stay at my apartment with the latino lover boy of a handyman Manny and his adorable Papa, I departed an hour early for work....it's less than 2 miles away, yes. Average length of this commute is less than 10 minutes, so this was most definitely superfluous. 
 Why in the name of all that's good that I had a awkward attack might be due to the surprise arrival of the handymen or their charming looks or perhaps the mere fact that the door was answered by a dweeb who was wearing her scrub pants and only a spaghetti strap under tank. I felt bare, exposed and cold quite frankly BUT my idiot self failed to realize the necessity of my scrub top before welcoming the boys. 
 To say I was completely unnatural acting in my own apartment would be an understatement. Suddenly I lost all recognition of how to act or what I should be doing. "Should I sit in the chair in the dining room or just go to my room? Do I finish my Mac 'N Cheese or get on my computer? Should I offer to help?" Seriously I should get a grip. Obviously it would have been amusing to be the fly on the wall of apartment 1S today!

P.S.~ the new artist and song for today is from Juliette Greco!

Monday, May 16, 2011

there's a life across the river...

first day of let's be c.r.e.a.t.i.v.e. challenge was successful! today i accomplished the following:
*i read a REALLY great passage from the hosea 2. mmhmm my favorite bible verse from these morning devos is hosea 2:20 ish (message version) 
 And then I'll marry you for good—forever! I'll marry you true and proper, in love and tenderness.Yes, I'll marry you and neither leave you nor let you go.You'll know me, God, for who I really am.
* i read from the francis chan book "forgotten God"
*i drew in my sketch book on my cutie putie back porch
* my ears enjoyed the likings of laura marling's music (new artist) and you can hear my favorite song which made my blog title for today here.

amandy and i are going to go see the new flick bridesmaids here in a few, so catch ya on the flip side!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the tabernacle takes over...

let's get one thing straight.
i have no ill will towards the believers who call themselves MORMON.

now that we have that sorted and made clear, here's the trend i've been witnessing..all the cute, adorable, precious  and c.r.e.a.t.i.v.e. young couple's blogs i follow, are becoming evidently mormon.  maybe this shouldn't be so surprising to me, it just happens to be. 

as stated above,
it's pretty obvious i love the mormons,
even though we may not align on all beliefs.

i guess, i wish, i was just as c.r.e.a.t.i.v.e. as anyone who possess the c.r.e.a.t.i.v.e. gene....and now i shall challenge myself to strive to reach a more c.r.e.a.t.i.v.e. state by trying to do the following daily goals:
  • read my b.i.b.l.e. daily along with another piece of literature also
  • blog/write an entry
  • listen to a new artist or band
  • sketch in my adorable sketch book

in other news, i love my family, and the joy i receive upon returning home and spending time with these.
as a beautifully put line says,

"remember, nothing was worth sharing, like the love that let us share our name."

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

i know i'm content BUT....

holy freaking COW!

go...go now..and read this..and you'll know why i'm eagerly in this line...waiting for this mr.

p.s.-he has 'gray' in his name...i love that. i will call him gray.

p.p.s.-i promise to return dear ole blog..soon, very soon.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

my mamacita

my mamacita= 

sarah sue!

or perhaps you know her as count dracula?

either way i know her as my 
bestest friend made at mnu, a.k.a mamacita.

she is commencing yet another new chapter of her life in a week!
she is graduating from COLLEGE!
while i am sad that i am not graduating as planned with her and all my other lovelies, i'm so UBER pumped for them all.
i'm saddened. this one in particular is leaving me!:( nnnoooo, say it isn't so!

her and mr. dickenson (her hubster for almost a WHOLE year) are returning home to live in i.o.w.a.

our friendship has always been off the wall fun! i mean the God given moment we met was the summer before our frosh year here at MNU. we were at our orientation and i had a fever.....not really but it felt like it cuz i was smokin' hot up in that dorm, so i set out on a quest to find the thermostat for the hall, when i stumbled into HER room in search of it. i was loud and obnoxiously on the phone...thankfully she saw past this first impression...and the rest is history!!!

our traditions include:
~dance parties
~hiding our walking sticks in bushes
~taking unnecessary yet hilarious pictures
~shower parties with tim mcgraw (where she sprays cold water into my stall from hers...and creepily laughs)
~the car game
~mnu baseball games
~petland adventures
~countless movies
~backstage passes;)
~schnauzer mauzer and other made up words
~mission trips 
~pancakes made by mr. dickenson
~flirting with CHAPALA waitors in order to get free things

i mean only to name a few or so....
 moral of this story?? i will miss this wild and crazy, country girl i call my friend.