Friday, June 10, 2011

lighter note

fridays deserve to be funny fun fun.
so, i thought i share some classic, ridiculous moments of my life this week.

embarrassing moment numero uno:

our toilet threw a fit this week yet again. there was absolutely NOTHING blocking the drain, i'm certain. to be completely honest and real, amanda and i had not pooped in it to clog it.
for some odd reason it was filling with water to the brim, and of course i was the only one here
i decided that it was finally time to go purchase our very own, first plunger.
the toilet had pulled this same stunt a couple of weeks ago and we borrowed our neighbor across the hall's.

i had proudly walked out of the local grocery holding a toilet plunger solely in my hand. i even thought to myself, "at least i don't know any of these people."
i arrived back at the 1S, and to my horror found our new cutie putie neighbor Sean out on his balcony above our apartment!!!!
(insert theme music from the movie Psycho)
i stayed in my car for 2 or 3 minutes rummaging through things, pretending to be on the hunt for a treasured, lost item.
with no avail, sean remained on his porch and i accepted my embarrassing doom.
out of the car, crossing the street, holding the plunger and of course sean waves and asks how i am.
i quickly respond, "er good, our toilet's being stupid."
word vomit.
i really wish my brain had a filter!
he chuckles..."oh yeah..that stinks!"
"yeah we haven't even went number 2 ( #2, am i toddler?) and it's acting clogged!"
vomitting all over at this point
"ohh sounds like you might have to call Manny!"
"oh yes, Manny our latin lover, handy man!"

thankfully he changed the subject to the mini garden he planted for us and we stayed on this, one of my favorite topics for quite a while.

embarrassing moment 2:

i just finished watering our one and only hanging flower plant, i bought last month, when i had an accident.
while trying to hang it back on the hook, it fell and went crashing down the steep hill in front of our place.
the dirt and flowers came completely out.
so when i'm in the process of picking it up, of course who's outside grilling!
"hey katelyn!"
"hey are you?"

c'est la vie

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

salt in the wound....

 my heart was broken today.
over, and over again.

i prepared myself mentally at 5:45 this morning after receiving my float pool assignment to the burn unit. "okay KATELYN...this is probably going to be gruesome." 

in all actuality, my eyes didn't have to witness the dressing changes of the most severe burns, but my whole being was overcome with sadness and heartbreak from one patient.

it wasn't this patient's wounds that were the worst of it for me.
when i was told that the patient in "such and such" room was 13, i was enthused. to some this may seem like i have no heart, but in fact it's due to MY HEART....a heart that's still a child itself and loves any interaction with little/younger humans.

i must admit at first i didn't catch on. 
"no one's in here right now, hmm..kinda weird, but i'm sure the parent's just went home for a bit,"
i thought upon first entering the room.

it was late morning before i heard why this 13 yr. old patient's cries and moans of pain during an excruciating wound debridement were not soothed by a loving voice by his/her side.

this 13 yr. old was abandoned in every since of the word.
without anyone.
in the hospital.
for over a week.
with no one loved ones to explain these grown up medical terms.
the parents were both in jail.
the grandmother refused to take of this 13 yr. old any further. 
as it was put in the chart,
"the grandmother states she no longer WANTS.."

today i remembered blessings.
my family.
my GOD.
my longing for adoption and foster care.

and my own brokenness.

how must this beautiful child feel?!?! no wants them???

  are you kidding me?!?!

are you crying yet?
i'm welling....
in fact hit me a couple of times.
yes, this kid is rough around the edges, already curses like a sailor, and called me stupid b/c i couldn't play a game right, but i saw something else.

i saw the face of a human being.
a child.
an orphan.
an image of God.

my heart is still aching. i'm going to take the next twenty minutes to pray for this lost child of God solely.
if you're reading this.....please take the time to pray for this individual too.
i can't reveal anymore specifics due to patient confidentiality, BUT the beautiful thing is that the God you're praying to already knows this one's name.
pray for healing. emotionally and physically.
for an unconditional love shower.
for hope.
for encouragement.
for wisdom for those who will be placed in their life.
for the hospital staff.
most of all for THIS little one.

Monday, June 6, 2011

the dreaded SINK

i should be in my tiny kitchen. i should be standing at the sink in my tiny kitchen. i should be placing my hands in warm, soapy water in that sink, scrubbing the pile of dishes that awaits me. 

i loathe doing the dishes! always have and i suspect i always will. when i returned home from a week of dishwasher bliss , i was greeted by the nasty surprise of an overdue pile of dishes...i started on them last night, and seriously got through half, but made the fatal move of "taking a break" and have yet to resume. not to mention amanda and i have added a few plates and bowls to the pile by now.

oh yes and there's more

when will it end?!?! probably never...also it might be noteworthy that it's 12:35 and i have yet to shower....i feel gross and should shower...i should also go take my chubby bunny out for a run....
hmm...i'll get back to you on all the "should" progress.

Saturday, June 4, 2011