Tuesday, July 19, 2011

when you start me up...

today after arriving to work, i struggled with the usually trivial task of turning off my car....
hello Oakley Cian, i need to be on the 4th floor of that hospital in 10 short minutes...

after 40 minutes of wiggling, jiggling, and 4 phone calls to my Pa, Jenny-Lou, and Heath (Jenny-Lou's hubs a.k.a. my mechanic)
i was left with no choice but to drive this stubborn car to the hometown.
i was planning on heading that way after work, but Oakley had other plans obviously.

oh joy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

set me FREE

sometimes BIG CITY living suits me. 

 -i get to meet Kenny at the bus stop
 -ride the city bus when Oakley Cian is out of commission
 -see diverse settings, scenes and characters occur on a daily basis
 -get dominos delivery
 -be close to KUMED
 -witness the bike transportation
 -admire old houses

but mostly feelings and cravings remain for this>>>

my hoyt.
my hometown.
my heart.

my home.

where the crime is considerably less, and the sense of community is much more.
where the loves of my life reside.
where life is simple and slower.
where the setting sun is the prettiest.
where folks are nicer.
where my childhood is kept.

i've always battled with the ideas of future living with my future family. living in the ghetto, in an old house that i can fix up or farm life? and i've always concluded i just want both. 
now i'm reminded which one i desire more though. 

and that's the life found in the freedom of the countryside.

where the preposterous HEAT actually has a purpose.
i miss backporch sittin'.

fishing at the pond behind my house.

the constant state of awe at the beauty of the wide open spaces.

homegrown food being the only thing on my plate.

watching our garden grow.

2 lanes instead of the freeway 6.

"you can have roots and wings"


but my roots sustain me, steady me and are deep.

i guess maybe i'll just satisfy this craving by cooking my homegrown, home-canned green beans tomorrow.