Wednesday, August 17, 2011

favorite things...

being home elicits comfort.
these past few weeks, i've been reminded what several of these comforting items are.
1. my parents garganteous bed, which happens to be temptingly comfy & soft 

i'm blogging from here as i type this now...
be jealous.

2. the below view from the mentioned bed from above

love waking up to the sun shining through the sheer curtains....even if it's at 11:15 in the a.m.

3. watching the Today Show in the a.m. before crawling into the big bed for a morning nap.

quite a lazy and wonderful morning routine i have...somewhere in the mix i partake in an unhealthy breakfast. 

yesterday it was waffle cone loaded, peanut butter streak ice cream, which promptly gave my increasingly lactose-intolerent tum tum an ache of a lifetime.  
no bueno..

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

inner child.

the sister and i had the privilege of watching our gorgy nieces 4 nights this past weekend.
Alyssa Nicole & Abygail Serenity Renne
Aly is 10, and Aby is 7.

Aby, Lex (nephew), I, and Aly
2 years ago

recognition of the awesome responsibility i have as an aunt has been weighing heavy on my heart lately, and this weekend was the perfect opportunity to be intentional with the time i share with these girls while they are still girls..

i've experienced a different dynamic with most of my nieces and nephews due to our closeness in age, and for a time being, some have lived with us during their baby/toddler years. 
it's a bond that i don't share with my aunts and uncles, not because there is a lack of love, but a difference in circumstance.

rebecca, cody & i share such a comfortable relationship with them that evokes fighting like siblings and resembles a relationship of just that, siblings.
this on one hand is splendid because we love hard, as siblings do, but then again it's easy to fall in the routine of treating each other as nothing special.


i recently read this on A CUP OF JO blog on how we should talk to little girls, and it left me heavy hearted to adapt this way of empowering little girls. 
this weekend i asked questions of the girls about their dreams and future.
what their favorites of miscellaneous items were.
read to them.
took them swimming.
let them help.
baked and cooked with them.
danced with them.
and watched in awe at the amazing sisterhood they share; protecting, uplifting and loving each other.

it also brought out the memories of pretend play which ensued laughter.
Aby my 7 year old niece at random moments would inform Rebecca & I that our feet (dangling off the couch) were suddenly snakes which she then tried to wrangle.

favorite conversation i overheard Aby having during her pretend play:

(while on the pretend phone)

"what, did you just pull in the driveway? get those snakes in here PRONTO, right away!"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

whatta man, whatta man, whatta man....

what a mighty fine man,
yes he is (will be)

so I read this i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e. article yesterday, from Donald Miller's blog.
you can find it >>>>> h.e.r.e.

anyways it empowered me to seize control over my whiny little lack of a love life.
it called me out and encouraged me at the same time.

mooving on. i decided to make a list of qualities that must be present in a boy before i consider him hubster material.

i broke out the husband journal that i began when i was just a freshie at university and comprised my list to pray over and check twice before considering a relationship serious.

here it is:

*loves God whole-heartily 
*makes the world a better place
*listens to me & doesn't interrupt
*thinks about me a whole LOTTA...and lets me know
*challenges me to become a better human and christian
*loves to learn and teaches me new things
*protects me
*values my opinion
*shows me he misses me
*is g.r.e.a.t. with strangers, elderly & kids
*actively pursues me
*seeks God's will
*prays for me
* makes me laugh cutie McCute cute...let's get here.